A recipe app with a difference!
Healthy family meals and games

A recipe app with a difference!
Healthy family meals and games

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A recipe app with a difference. Designed for parents and those who cook for toddlers and small children, beautiful photos portray individual ingredients going into every meal, as well as the finished meal itself.

Introduce your little ones to new foods and healthy meals, using the pictures as a talking point. Learn how they are combined and cooked to make tasty treats and wholesome dishes. Mostly importantly, enjoy the meals together!

The built-in shopping list allows you to quickly make a note of ingredients needed to create each recipe – a convenient reference whilst out shopping or to share with others.

Make food fun! Ingredient-themed games help youngsters learn to identify ingredients, expanding their vocabulary and foodie knowledge. Included with the app is the game ‘Where does it grow?’ – drag and drop ingredients to identify where each one is grown. Additional games are available to purchase in-app as a single bundle, including ‘Spelling Bee’ and ‘Odd one out’.

About Us

As a mother to two young boys and a researcher at a biomedical nutrition research centre, I really understand the importance of introducing little ones to a varied and healthy diet.

The idea for this app started when I noticed how much my toddler loved looking at the pictures of ingredients and meals in all my recipe books, even before he was old enough to get very involved in the kitchen with me. Toddlers and little kids love to learn about new things. Use this app to help introduce new foods. Look at the pictures and talk about the ingredients, how they are mixed and cooked together to make tasty meals. They will also love learning about food groups e.g. fruit, veg, meat.

Get them involved when you are planning what to eat, looking at the ingredients, making lists then getting them to help you find those ingredients at the shop or in your delivery. They will be delighted the first time they spot and recognise a broccoli and win your praises.

Our philosophy is simple: the more they get involved, the more they learn, the easier it will be to get them to try and enjoy new foods. Good luck and have fun, we hope you enjoy using the My Mini Menu app.


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